Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: The purpose of the study consists in the theoretical study of the results of their research by studying and analyzing the general state of involvement of school-age students in mass sports events.

Methods: The children’s need for mass sports and the level of their interest in sports were determined by conducting pedagogical and psychological questionnaires. Measures have been developed to develop mass sports movement in schools and proposals have been developed. Also, in the course of the study, the analysis of scientific and methodological literature, pedagogical observation, questionnaires, mathematical statistics were widely used.

Results: Walking accounted for 60% of the main indicator of motor activity. In second place is the training process in 20% of sports sections. The third place was taken by 11% of physical education lessons. Independent physical education accounted for 6.6%.

Conclusion: Physical education classes account for only 11% of the total weekly physical activity. This indicator can be significantly increased if you plan physical education classes for the third hour and increase the motor intensity of classes at the level of capabilities.

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