Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: The purpose of the research was to study the relationship between the physical training of highly qualified handball players and technical training, to give methodological instructions for their improvement.

Methods: 1. Analysis of the existing special scientific and methodological literature and study of their experience 2. Pedagogical observation of the training and competitive processes of handball players 3. Acceptance of control standards from athletes 4. Mathematical and statistical methods (comparison method).

Results: As a result of the study, the physical training of highly qualified handball players and their relationship with the effectiveness of technical and tactical movements were studied. The level of physical fitness of the major league teams during the training and competition period was checked by control standards. The results obtained will serve as a means of improving the physical, technical and tactical actions of highly qualified handball players.

Conclusion: The results of the pedagogical control conducted with the teams of the highest handball league of Uzbekistan showed how important the physical and technical training of handball players is. In order for the technical and tactical behavior of handball players to be more effective, it is necessary to improve the technical and tactical training in the case of close interweaving with physical training, to carefully temper athletes in the case of using a special set of exercises of various types.

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