Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: It consists in studying during the school year the accuracy of shooting at targets installed in the corners of the gate in a calm position for experienced handball players and in the influence of turning the body in different directions.

Methods: The following methods were used in the course of the study: 1) literary sources, analysis of research papers and scientific articles, scientific research on the topic, scientific and practical experience of foreign and domestic scientists in the field of sports in bund were studied and analyzed. 2) A pedagogical test in which the accuracy of the difference between the time interval and the limit of muscle tension of handball players was controlled. 3) Mathematical and statistical calculation, in which the effectiveness of technical and tactical actions of attacking handball players was calculated mathematically based on the following formula. 4) The study used pedagogical tests developed by us and approved by the Handball Federation of Uzbekistan.

Results: The results of a study conducted on the differentiation of reactions of qualified handball players to the differentiation of balance, time interval and limit of muscle tension are analyzed. It was revealed that the number of accurate reactions performed by the right hand, especially the left, without eye control in the time period associated with throwing the ball into the goal, by the end of the school year, decreases by 2-3 times for all handball players studying at all courses.

Conclusion: During traditional handball training, the ability to maintain balance, time and the necessary stress limit, which are crucial for ensuring the accuracy of the ball in sports, are usually not developed with the help of special exercises. Therefore, handball players who are watched in training, especially during tournament games, more often make mistakes due to a violation of the coordination of balance when throwing the ball into the goal from different distances and flanks.

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