Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: To study the issues aimed at increasing the knowledge and experience in the effective use of physical culture and sports in the restoration of public health, as well as to analyze the work being done to train qualified personnel in the field of physical culture and sports and identify problems.

Methods: Methods such as analysis of scientific and methodological literature, pedagogical observation, questionnaire were used in the study.

Results: From the research it was revealed that today it is important to develop the knowledge of the population on physical education and sports, that is, to create educational and scientific literature showing the importance of physical education and sports in the restoration of Health, to improve the system of training qualified personnel in this field.

Conclusion: In the development of knowledge on physical education and sports, it is effective to create various modern literature, prepare and distribute booklets, create electronic platforms, post relevant sources on them, post this material on social networks to the attention of young people. It is also necessary to improve the system of introducing foreign innovative developments in the field of physical culture and sports in our country.

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