Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: To identify the most significant factors affecting the level of physical fitness of students in the course of training sessions of the course “Sports and pedagogical skills”.

Methods: Analysis of educational and methodological literature, pedagogical testing, pedagogical observation, pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical statistics.

Results: Consist in the following: our proposed program for the development of motor qualities is confirmed by the progressive dynamics of the increase in the indicators of the “school” of movements and physical qualities, the means of preparation used and timely monitoring of the process of “utilization” of basic gymnastics exercises in the qualities studied are effective and can be recommended for inclusion in the work programs of the course of sports and pedagogical skills.

Conclusion: The proposed variant of the rational distribution of training funds in the training and training sessions of the sports pedagogical skills course turned out to be the most productive in the issues of the consistent development of special motor skills and training exercises in the types of gymnastic all-around, and indicate the effectiveness of the developed and experimentally based training program for students.

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