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Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: to ration the training load of young hockey players in the preparatory period based on the programs of hockey clubs.

Methods: The following pedagogical research methods were used to solve the tasks set: analysis of scientific and methodological literature. Generalization of practical experience, which was carried out during the observation of the training sessions of the hockey teams “Binokor” and “Humo”. The documentation related to the planning of the training process of young hockey players in the preparatory period was also studied, after which the means used, the volumes and their ratios were discussed and evaluated with the team coaches.

Results: The team conducted a study on the rationing of training loads of young hockey players in the microcycle of the special training stage of the preparatory period of the annual training cycle. a large number of complex specialized exercises were used. The proposed dynamics of the amount of time for specialized exercises differs, first of all, by constantly and gradually increasing the dynamics and particular volume of specialized exercises, which increases by the end of the preparatory period.

Conclusion: In the groups, after the subjects performed motor tasks, the results increased. However, in the experimental group, the increase in strength and speed-strength indicators turned out to be more significant and statistically more reliable.

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