Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: to develop a methodology aimed at improving the biomechanical mobility of discus throwers in special strength training and to determine the effectiveness in pedagogical practice.

Methods: The methods of analysis of scientific and methodological literature, pedagogical observation, anthropometric method, determination of the angle of flight of the disk, pedagogical experiment, pedagogical testing, mathematical statistics were used. (On FREMGE, G-VOLK equipment).

Results: The parameters of the movement of a student athlete in discus throwing were studied and methods of biomechanical analysis were developed.

Conclusion: In our study, it was found that the relative increase in the duration of the experiment for the three studied kinematic characteristics in CG averaged 7.32%, while in EG this indicator was 13.09%, which proves the effectiveness of the techniques used in the experimental group and aimed at improving biomechanical mobility for special strength training of discus throwers.

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