Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: to increase the level of comprehensive harmonious development and preparedness of primary school students in their free time from the lesson using the method of Nordic walking.

Methods: Analysis and generalization of scientific and methodological literature; pedagogical test; medical and biological methods; pedagogical experiment; methods of mathematical statistics.

Results: The results obtained as a result of the “Cooper test” showed that before the experiment in CG, the average value was 1115.3±118.2 meters, at the end of the experiment it was 1168.2±122.1 meters, or the rate of endurance growth was statistically unreliable and equal to 52.9 meters (t=2.6 and p<0.05). In EG, however, if before the experiment this indicator was 1082.7±110.4 meters, then by the end of the experiment it was better at 1210.2±130.1 meters, or the rate of endurance growth was statistically reliable 127.5 meters (t=6.21 and p<0.001)

Conclusion: With the comprehensive development of children, Nordic walking has a positive effect on their body. There is practically no risk of injury during training. Nordic walking provides muscle performance (up to 90%) compared to conventional walking. The whole body is involved in the movement, the most important muscles of the legs, abdomen, hips, back and arms were noticed, providing active work on an equal footing.

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