Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: The article describes the organization of football clubs in schools, the development of a set of exercises suitable for students of grades 4-5 engaged in them, and the effectiveness of using exercises aimed at improving their physical fitness.

Methods: During the training, the football club was evaluated using questionnaires, theoretical analysis, methods of comprehensive personal research, as well as statistical methods for determining the reliability of average sizes and standard tests provided by VI Lyakh, assessing physical fitness: 30 m running; Running at a distance of 4x10 m; Long jump from standing position; Running for 6 minutes; 1000 m running.

Results: According to the results of the tests obtained during the study, the relative difference in statistical characteristics in the experimental group improved by 17.41% compared to the beginning of the experiment, the relative difference between the experimental and control groups averaged 9.02% of the total statistical results. According to the results of the article, it can be said that the issue of organizing football clubs in secondary schools, dividing young people into age groups (by class), training aimed at improving their physical fitness is relevant.

Conclusion: The In general education schools , in the context of attracting students of grades 4-5 to football clubs and improving their physical fitness , the following topical problems can be identified: strictly take into account age characteristics when organizing football clubs in schools and ensure the regularity of the clubs' activities; development of exercises aimed at improving the physical fitness of students in grades 4-5 engaged in football clubs; to determine the effectiveness of exercises aimed at improving the physical fitness of students in grades 4-5 and the implementation of their achievements.

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