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Purpose: In this article, the issues of searching for the rational construction of the educational and training process of young gymnasts and the effective ratio of loads of different directions at the stage of in-depth specialization in the pre-competitive micro cycle are considered. To study the expediency of using high-intensity training loads in the process of training young gymnasts aged 12-16 years.

Methods: Study and analysis of literary sources on the research topic, pedagogical observation, pedagogical testing, pedagogical experiment, static methods of processing results.

Results: The number of combinations for gymnasts of all ages varies within the planned range (see table 1). The maximum indicators for first-graders are noted on the 2nd, and for MS (Master of sports) - a on the 1st day with a gradual decrease by the end of the week. In the CMS (Candidate for master of sports), the number of combinations decreased significantly only on the 4th day. At the same time, the largest number of combinations of gymnasts were performed on a horse (1128.0 ± 27.4) and the smallest on a crossbar –543.0±18.4).

Conclusion: In conclusion, it should be added that all the subjects underwent a comprehensive medical examination, which showed that the state of health of adolescents is satisfactory. Young gymnasts who performed a greater weekly load during the second “over-shock” training than in the first had a higher expert assessment (average score), as well as a lower physiological cost of work according to heart rate, blood pressure, ortho-tests and most indicators of neuromuscular apparatus, with better tolerability of repeated "over-shock" load is also evidenced by a smaller weight loss during training and a large increase in static strength of the hand.

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