Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: Development and control of endurance of handball players by studying modern innovative tools and methods of endurance development, as well as improving the effectiveness of endurance training.

Methods: The following techniques are used to train endurance: The technique of evenly performed exercises is used in the training of general endurance. This method is used during training to prepare for maximum continuous training, which is performed regularly with a pulse of no more than 130 beats per minute. In most cases, recovery performed in an evenly executed exercise style can be considered insufficient. Alternating exercise styles are used to improve endurance. It is characterized by continuous work performed with variable intensity, when the maximum pulse rate is 180 per minute. Interval technique exercises are used to increase the endurance of a handball player in one direction. It is also characterized by the repetition of the same exercises, such as repetitive exercise methods performed at specific rest intervals. The competitive style is used to prepare handball players directly for competitions. You don't need to use this technique a lot in the learning process.

Results: This article examines the scientific and practical experience of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of sports for the development of endurance female handball players, scientific and theoretical information presented in the sources of scientific literature. In the course of the study, modern innovative methods were used aimed at developing the endurance of female handball players by analyzing the training process. Scientific and theoretical ideas were put forward and scientific and practical studies were conducted to control the level of training. When comparing the results of the experimental and control groups, the difference between the relative increase was 5.23%, the results of the study were subjected to comparative analysis and the corresponding conclusions were drawn.

Conclusion: In the course of the study, a wide range of work was carried out to develop the endurance of female handball players. In particular, modern means and methods of endurance development were studied, an endurance training program was developed and put into practice. Special tests were taken to determine the endurance of female handball players, and the results were subjected to comparative analysis. According to the results of a comparative analysis, it was noticed that the level of endurance among female handball players increased by a certain percentage.

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