Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: The aim of the study is to modernize the process of physical education of younger schoolchildren by means of rugby, since rugby classes also contribute to the socio-psychological formation of the student's personality. Rugby educates character, promotes the manifestation of leadership qualities, the development of creative skills.

Methods: The main organizational and methodological conditions for the implementation of the developed technology are: the predominant use of the competitive game method in the process of teaching technical and tactical rugby actions; modeling of competitive conditions in training; the formation of creative thinking in solving problem problems, the acquisition of practical skills of interaction in groups, experience in organizing game actions and tasks, setting tasks.

Results: The results of the experiment showed that significantly different changes were observed in the results of control and pedagogical tests of the subjects of the control and experimental groups. So, in the experimental group, a significant increase in all indicators of control tests was revealed, which is a consequence of the influence of technology based on the use of rugby .

Conclusion: The systemic use of rugby means in physical education classes for schoolchildren significantly improves the level of mental and somatic health, the development of motor qualities and coordination abilities. The developing nature of training has a positive effect on the success of mastering the basics of technical and tactical actions and increasing the effectiveness of the educational process.

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