Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to modify some tests conducted to assess the coordination of movements, and to determine their objectivity on the example of students in grades 7-9. In this article, using modified assessment tests of growth dynamics in traditional classes, the explosive force and variable speed of movement (running) as part of the coordination abilities of students in grades 7-9 studying in a comprehensive school are analyzed.

Methods: When developing, forming and evaluating coordination abilities, We developed and implemented modified tests and improved innovative game exercises in the study, and in the article, as an example, we used methodological tests and control exercises: jumping from place to place, right and left, as well as backward, jumping from place to place, running around sports cones for 3 times to 10 meters.

Results: In the 7th-9th graders, the explosive force, speed of movement and accuracy, which are part of the coordination ability, were determined using modified tests of signs of mutual differentiation. From the results of the experiment, it was found that the indicators (long jump from different sides, shuttle run), which were studied in both boys and girls who received education in all classes, were initially expressed at an extremely low level, by the end of the experiment, all indicators changed in a progressive direction.

Conclusion: In Modern research, based on the results of pedagogical observation, has established that high school students have long jumps from all sides, indicators of shuttle run, turning the "start-finish" point to the right and left, are formed extremely sluggishly, and the rate of their growth from class to class slows down. Unfortunately, it turned out that there is a noticeable asymmetric difference between these indicators.

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