Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: Improvement of the educational process, professional activity and training of students of the faculties of physical education by means of basic gymnastics .

Methods: Theoretical analysis and generalization of pedagogical and scientific literature data, questionnaires, study of observation results, pedagogical experiment, pedagogical observation, pedagogical testing, mathematical statistics. The obtained data were processed using generally accepted methods of mathematical statistics set out in the special literature in a number of manuals, which provides for the calculation of the following indicators: arithmetic mean; mean square deviation; reliability of differences by Student; average error. The reliability of the differences was considered significant at 1% and 5% significance levels (P=0.01 and P=0.05), which is recognized as quite reliable in pedagogical research. Thus, the key elements of pedagogical skills of graduates of physical education faculties are formed, and their impact on the viability of professional training is determined.

Results: The goal of a future specialist in the learning process is changeable, since the task of a young specialist is to prepare as best as possible for the upcoming profession. In addition to professional knowledge, skills and abilities (professional competence) it covers a complex of ideological, moral, general cultural aesthetic, emotional - volitional and physical aspects of development. This also includes the formation of a future teacher's personal position (motivational and value attitude to pedagogical activity), i.e. arming him with ways of professional self-improvement.

Conclusion: The article presents data on the systematization of professional skills and abilities of a physical education teacher, which allows for the purposeful construction of the process of preparing students within the subject "Gymnastics and teaching methods" for pedagogical universities.

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