Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: The data obtained by bio impedance analysis allows us to assess the state of fitness at the examination stage. The differences in each stage of the survey allows us to compare the data and thereby get an idea of the rationality of using the means of the educational and training process and nutrition.

Methods: The survey of football players aged 13-14 years was conducted using “Xiaomi Composition Scale” smart scales, as well as a bio impedance method, a pedagogical experiment, a method of mathematical statistics (arithmetic mean, quadratic mean, coefficient of variation).

Results: The body fat mass averaged 7.2±3.7%, the muscle mass averaged 40.5±6.1 kg. The percentage (%) of total water is of the greatest importance, on average it was 60.4%, the main metabolism was 1341.3±120.7 kcal, and the percentage of protein was X=23.2±3.2% with a high significance (15%).

Conclusion: The coaching staff of boys aged 13-14 should apply diagnostics using Xiaomi Composition Scale 2 smart scales. In accordance with the data of bio impedance analysis, a training program for football players is being compiled, there is a certain deficiency in metabolism, for which it is necessary to improve nutrition. This is the amount of energy consumed by the body per day to maintain its basic vital functions: maintaining body temperature, breathing, blood circulation in conditions of basic metabolism.

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