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Purpose: The goal was to create an integral system of the pedagogical process, which, taking into account the age and individual characteristics of preschool children with disabilities, ensures the creation of optimal conditions for the comprehensive development and strengthening of motor and psychophysical abilities by increasing their physiological level. Activity of organs and systems of the child's body; correction of motor disorders; as part of the training, it consists in the development and use of methods and tools that have a high ability to protect the body from adverse environmental factors, contribute to the functional improvement of its body, increase its efficiency, make it permanent and durable. Based on this, the purpose of the scientific work is to study the positive impact of outdoor games on the development of coordination abilities of children 6-7 years old with disabilities in pedagogical practice.

Methods: We included in the training schedule a set of exercises and movement games that we specifically recommended (in accordance with the instructions for the first step). Prior to the study, children with disabilities were observed to meet established standards. After research, the differences were explored. The methodology mainly calculated the level of coordination skills development among students with disabilities according to the selected exercises and motor games.

Results: We know that in special kindergartens, the processes of physical education are carried out on the basis of a specially developed and approved program. In order to study the number and composition of children with disabilities in the annual training period, the educational process of children aged 6-7 years was analyzed. It should be noted that many coaches of MDSOPO (a multidisciplinary special organization of preschool education) are very responsible about the programs developed during their training. In this case, the amount of time spent on exercises with subjects and the amount of time spent on exercises without subjects were correctly distributed over the 1-year educational process. But in all scientific works devoted to the functions of forming and improving the balance of coordination of actions in preschool children, the lag in the development of this function is poorly highlighted.

Conclusion: Based on the above, we can conclude that in the development of the human body, the core of each physical quality in the development of physical qualities is based on a certain set of exercises of outdoor games. Therefore, when developing any physical qualities, it is necessary to pay attention to the coordination of movements (exercises) with the previous places. For this reason, when teaching children initial physical exercises, this issue is given more serious attention, a satisfactory development of coordination abilities in relation to age is achieved.

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