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Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: The goal was to determine the structure and distribution of training resources in the micro and pre-competition mesocycle of young gymnasts engaged in rhythmic gymnastics .

Methods: The study uses methods analysis and synthesis of special scientific and methodological literature; pedagogical observations of the training process of young gymnasts, pedagogical experiment, mathematical and statistical research methods.

Results: The results of the study showed that the pre-competition mesocycle was a natural continuation of the special preparatory stage and was used for direct preparation for the main competition. Its features were determined by the fact that it is necessary to simulate the mode of the upcoming competitions with the fullest possible approximation and to ensure the maximum realization of the athlete’s capabilities in decisive performances. In the course of pedagogical research, the optimal parameters of training loads (volume and intensity) were identified and proposed in the process of training young gymnasts, the main focus of training work in the competitive and pre-competition mesocycles, as well as the pre-competition microcycle, was determined. The forms of training sessions at each stage of training athletes are defined.

Conclusion: The article deals with the construction and content of the pre-competition training of young athletes, determines the volume and intensity of the training load in the pre-competition micro-and mesocycle, and establishes the main focus of the training work at the stage of specialized training of young gymnasts. This confirms the expediency of the proposed option for the distribution of training funds in the training process of young gymnasts in direct preparation for competitions.

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