Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to improve the effectiveness of the educational process in physical education based on the use of handball with a multimedia program.

Methods: To obtain the results, the methods of analyzing scientific and methodological literature, the method of pedagogical experiment and demonstration were used.

Results: It is important to note an increase in the effectiveness of students’ technical and tactical actions (TTA) fulfillment in the process of playing activity as a result of the use of computer technologies: the number of ball passes increased (10.6%), the effectiveness of ball passes increased (10.2%); the number of TTAs increased (11.8%), and the efficiency of shots on goal (10.3%), with reliability (p <0.05-0.001) t = 2.07.

Conclusion: The use of multimedia technology with the use of video materials, animation, interactive whiteboards contributed to competently working with information: to be able to collect the facts necessary to solve a certain problem; monitor or analyze them, putting forward hypotheses for solving problems; make the necessary generalizations, comparing with similar or alternative solutions; establish statistical patterns; form reasoned conclusions; apply them to identify and solve new problems; to be sociable, contact. Work independently on the development of one's own morality, intellect, and cultural level.

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