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Purpose: As known, among the main physical qualities, the strength training of cyclists is of the most important practical importance. In this case, strength is defined as the ability to overcome or resist external resistance through muscle tension. In addition, the development of this physical quality is largely associated with age. Based on this, the purpose of the scientific article is to develop a methodology for developing the quality of endurance strength with the help of special weightlifting exercises chosen by cyclists on its basis and in research.

Methods: A specially developed training program is included in the training plan of bicycle trackers (3 times a week). Before the start of the study, the prescribed norms were observed. After the study, the differences were studied. From the exercises, the number of attempts and intensity were selected mainly according to the methods of counting. the amount of training was calculated based on the number of barbell lifts (NBL) in weekly cycles.

Results: A comparative analysis of the results showed that during the experiment, the participant determined that the arithmetic mean of the positive change in the results of this exercise was 1.90 seconds, the arithmetic mean of the relative change was 3.04%. At the same time, the results showed that the arithmetic mean of the group participants changed statistically significantly during the experiment (t=1.85 and R>0.05). This, in turn, shows that the method we use gives a positive effect.

Conclusion: Prior to the study, an analysis of local literature showed that cyclists were determined to develop strength qualities through weightlifting exercises, regardless of whether training or programs were conducted at that time. In the annual cycle of training cyclists in the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan, the development of strength qualities falls on January, December of the year. Taking into account the climatic conditions and age characteristics of cyclists, the study developed a training program for the development of cyclists in the style of weightlifting exercises in a closed gym and overcoming the resistance of the muscles of the legs, waist, arms and shoulders on simulators.

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