Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: By studying and cross-comparing the performance indicators of specific tests of football chief referees of different categories, determine the effectiveness of means aimed at developing specific endurance superiority and inadequacy.

Methods: The interval method was widely used in the course of the study in the development and improvement of the fast endurance of the chief referees. In this method, the use of funds in the maximum and submaximal intensive mode was determined in the strict order of the intervals between repetitions. Also, with the help of special tests, the speed and endurance of the judges were checked, and at the end the results were summed up.

Results: A comparative analysis of the results showed that during the experiment, the participant determined that the arithmetic mean of the positive change in the results of this exercise was 1.90 seconds, the arithmetic mean of the relative change was 3.04%. At the same time, the results showed that the arithmetic mean of the group participants changed statistically significantly during the experiment (t=1.85 and P>0.05). This, in turn, shows that the method we use has a positive effect.

Conclusion: In the experiment, it was proved that the development of fast endurance is possible by accurately normalizing the load on the organization of weekly microcycles in the training process of various types of football head referees, training on the basis of selected special exercises and organizing tools with simulation of game situations. During the training of judges, a set of exercises was created to increase the overall and specific endurance, as well as methods of their application were developed, taking into account the degree of impact of loads.

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