Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Aim: Teaching 10 ages children to run medium distances, improving general physical fitness, improving the body in all aspects, and mastering running exercise techniques while increasing the level of special physical fitness.

Methods and Results: The results of the 10 ages children running 600 meters in the first year of the primary training group were 2: 06.0 ± 0.21 in the experimental group and 2: 08.0 ± 0.30 in the control group. The statistical difference between them did not differ on the Student- t criterion t = 0.44.

Conclusion: The results of the research showed that high-level performance did not adversely affect the development of speed (results in running 60m were significantly improved). The children in the experimental group met the criteria for transition to the next age group and showed the III, II junior category.

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