Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Aim: to study the features of adaptive adjustment of the body of weightlifters in various geographical climate conditions and the influence of training factors, physiotherapeutic agents and adaptogens of plant origin on these processes. Method of research: Analysis and generalization of scientific and methodological literature, questionnaires, instrumental method, pedagogical testing and observation, pedagogical experiment, statistical methods of results processing. Results: Training loads before and after the migration period of training are experimentally justified, and the most effective options are considered in combination with the use of plant-based adaptogens that contribute to the active course of adaptation processes and maintain a high level of performance. Conclusions: According to the results of research, it was found that the temporary adaptation of weightlifters to the change of time zone is a consequence of the influence of climate-geographical, time-zone and other factors. Key words: Weightlifters, inversion, temporary adaptation, time zone, operability, restoration.

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