Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Aim: study the role of the mahalla in the life of our people, the leading force in educating young people, the role of the mahalla in the works of our great scholars Abu Nasr Farobi, Abu Jafar Narshahi, Alisher Navoi and the role of the mahalla as an important institution of civil society.

Methods: In the spiritual and educational events held in the mahallas, large-scale reforms in the development of the mahalla institute in the country using the methods of "Why?", "Group discussion", recommendations on the role of the mahalla in educating young people.

Results: In recent years, raising the prestige of the mahalla institution has been identified as a priority not only of socio-economic, but also of political, educational and spiritual significance.

Conclusions: The issues of creating conditions for every young person living in the neighborhood to spend their free time after school, reading and sports clubs, career guidance, taking into account the interests of young people were studied through regular communication between family, school and community.

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