Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


PurposeTo study the general state of involvement of schoolchildren in mass sports, to determine the effectiveness of a set of special exercises designed to develop the dexterity of a 14-15-year-old student in children's and youth sports schools (youth sports schools).

Methods: The level of children's need and interest in mass sports was determined by a pedagogical and psychological survey. Based on the specifics of the problems studied in the study, taking into account the availability of equipment and the level of professional training, the availability of scientific materials, the following pedagogical methods were used in the study. Analysis of scientific and methodological literature, coefficient of variation, pedagogical observation, pedagogical experience, mathematical and statistical analysis.

Results: The quality of agility of children aged 14-15 was determined, and at the beginning of the pedagogical experiment there were no statistical differences in the speed training of boys aged 14-15 between the results of the control group СG and the experimental group EG. However, according to the results of these groups, the values of the calculated coefficients of variation in the control CG varied between V=18.5% and V=19.93%, and in the experimental group EG between V=19.78% and V=19.99%.

Conclusion: To increase the agility of boys aged 14-15 in athletics, if you use the following exercises, "bedana qadamlar" running with a small but high speed; Running lifting the knees at least 90°; running jumping off the ground, the foot is placed on the ground without bending; running in a straight line and in a circles of different radius; running up; the speed can be slightly improved if we run down.

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