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Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: Increasing the effectiveness of training loads of various orientations at the stages of the preparatory period .

Methods: Controlling training loads is of particular importance. In the process of training, exercises of a specific nature are more effective, due to the increase in complex exercises. This made it possible to increase the effectiveness of physical fitness and technical and tactical actions of hockey players. To solve the set tasks, pedagogical research methods were used: The analysis of literary sources, was the first and one of the main methods in the work, was carried out to formulate research tasks, discuss the results obtained by different authors and compare them with each other. The generalization of practical experience was carried out in the course of observing the training sessions of the teams of the highest hockey league in the preparatory period. The documents for planning training sessions were also studied, after which, together with the team coaches, the funds used, the volumes and their ratios at the stages of the period were discussed and evaluated. The quantity was recorded: training sessions, duration of sessions, time spent on each exercise, number of repetitions, intensity of exercise, the nature of the rest, the size of the court and the number of players who took part in the exercises .

Results: The team used a large number of complex specialized exercises during the period. The ratio of complex and simple specific exercises does not correspond to the methodological recommendations for training hockey players in the preparatory period. The proposed dynamics of the ratio of complex and simple specialized exercises differs from the existing version, primarily in the following: the dynamics of complex specialized exercises is constantly and gradually increasing; the private volume of complex exercises increases by the end of the preparatory period; During the period, the difficulty coefficients periodically fluctuate.

Conclusion: In the study, the ratio of complex and specific means was established, where it is necessary to gradually and constantly growing dynamics of complex exercises in the preparatory period .

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