Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Aim:the study of the relationship of physical tests with bioimpedance analysis and as a result to obtain quantitative measures of these relationships in the form of pair correlation coefficients in order to search for effective means of developing speed qualities.

Methods:Analysis of morphological and functional parameters was measured by bioimpedance measurement. Evaluation of speed capabilities was determined by the Microgate Reystime 2 device, which ensured the measurement accuracy at the in-depth specialization stage. The processing was carried out by the computer mathematical and statistical program SPSS for parametric and non-parametric correlation, which allows us to determine a scientifically based search for effective means of developing speed abilities. Control exercises were used such as: “10m running”, “30m running”, Shuttle run 5 * 30m, Test “8”.

Results: According to the Pearson-Brava method, a 10-meter run does not correlate with all morphofunctional indicators, except for the body length indicator. According to the Kendel method, the 10-meter run correlates to an average degree with the growth rate (r = 0.556) and with the percentage of total fat and water in the body, to a weak degree, respectively, r = - 0.327 and r = 0.266. According to the Spearman method, a 10-meter run correlates to an average degree with an indicator of body length (r = 0.590) and with percentages of total body fat in the body in the opposite direction and with a type of addition that is lower than an average degree, respectively = = 0.443 and r = 0.285.

Conclusion: A close relationship was found between the metabolic rate and% water (r = 0.92), muscle mass (r = 0.49) and a direct relationship between metabolic rate and muscle mass (r = 0.9). It is necessary in the process of training young football players at the stage of in-depth specialization to pay attention to exercises that contribute to the formation of athleticism.

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