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Introduction. The role and significance of our great ancestors in world history is indisputable. Their vital activity, priceless works and deeds require a truthful, adequate assessment and in-depth research in various fields of modern science. The works of the great commander, patron of science, culture and art Amir Temur are at the center of many-sided fundamental research. For centuries, the personality of Amir Temur aroused great interest in the world community, whose image formed the basis of numerous literary, musical and stage works created by leading playwrights and writers, librettists and composers of different centuries.

The purpose of the research is to determine the role and significance of musical and stage works by Western European composers dedicated to the image of Amir Temur.

Method of research. Due to the fact that the dissertation was performed within the framework of musical-historical research, the author relied on historical-procedural, retrospective, comparative, complex and systematic methods of analysis. The interpretation of the image of Amir Temur is studied on the basis of theoretical-analytical and musical-critical approaches, considered in the context of the relationship between spiritual and axiological values.

Conclusions. Studying and promoting the rich musical heritage of the Baroque era in Uzbekistan on the example of musical and stage genres, where the key figure is the image of Amir Temur, gives us the opportunity to fully assess and understand the role and place of our great ancestor in the history of world culture, to help educate the younger generation in the spirit of respect and pride for our rich historical heritage. Inclusion of works by prominent Western European composers about Amir Temur in the courses of historical and theoretical disciplines, in the curricula of special higher and higher educational institutions.

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