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We will create all conditions for the study of ancestral heritage, the creation of great literature, - said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. In the art of speech, especially in Uzbek literature, spiritual beauty is interpreted as an important quality that determines human perfection. Through literature, young people understand the need to know the history of the homeland, and achieve their goals through the study of the didactic system, pedagogical and psychological possibilities of using the historical values of great figures. Therefore, the reference to history in fiction is always relevant, and in the period of independence in literature there is a great opportunity to acquaint the younger generation with their past, to cultivate a sense of pride in it. No matter what field of science our ancestors were engaged in, they paid special attention to the formation of human spirituality, education and upbringing. In particular, the issues of spiritual and moral education are widely covered in Yusuf Khos Hajib's "Kutadgu bilig", Kaykovus' "Qobusnoma", Ahmad Yugnaki's "Hibat ul-haqayiq", Alisher Navoi's works. How to evaluate the didactic system of teaching our great figures in higher education institutions. What pedagogical and psychological opportunities should be used in the use of these values.

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