One of the priorities for the development of chemical and technological processes in the field of road-building materials and their quality is the production of materials for road markup based on glass micro-beads.

The use of glass micro-beads ensures the required retro-reflection of road marking and indicators of resistance to external influences, compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents. Therefore, the task of developing research approaches to develop a composition and control of road marking, which provide high performance and reduce accidents is an urgent problem.

For this purpose, on the basis of local raw materials, the theoretical foundations of obtaining glass based on the SiO2-Al2O3 system - CaO - MgO - K2O - Na2O, SiO2 - SrO2 -P2O5 system were studied and micro-strokes for road marking were obtained based on optimal compositions.

In the course of the study, the requirements for the physicochemical properties of glass micro-beads necessary for obtaining road markings were identified; selection of compositions; complex tests of experimental compositions were carried out. Based on the results obtained, a regulatory and technical document (technological regulations, technical specifications) is developed. The influence of sizes and foreign inclusions of glass micro-beads on the reflection of glass micro-beads has been studied.



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