The influence of the nature of aldehydes of the structure of the products of their interaction with diethanolamine was studied. It was found that the interaction of one mole of diethanolamine with one mole of aldehyde produces 2-substituted 1,3- oxosolidines. Moreover, hydroxylase-containing compounds are formed at molar ratios of diethanolamine: aldehyde = 2: 1 mol / mol. By carrying out the reaction of the interaction of diethanolamine with an aldehyde at their molar ratios of 2: 1 mol / mol, hydroxylase-containing compounds containing two tertiary nitrogen and four hydroxyl groups in their structure were synthesized. The exothermic effect of the reaction of DEA with aldehydes depends on the nature of the aldehyde. So, when switching from formaldehyde to acetic aldehyde, self-heating of the reaction mixture to 30 °C takes 12.5 minutes and 5 minutes, respectively. The physicochemical properties and elemental composition of the synthesized hydroxylase-containing compounds were studied. The formation of diamine tetrols is indicated by the presence on the IR spectra of the synthesized products of the absorption bands of primary hydroxyl groups, bonds of the lateral methyl groups in the spectra of ethyldiaminotetraethanol. The stability of the synthesized products over time was studied.



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