The conditions of selective extraction of the bismuth (III) by inert organic solvents in the presence of DMFA are established. The conditions for complex formation of the bismuth (III) with the PAN directly in the organic phase are found. It is possible to increase the sensitivity of the methodology using more sensitive azoreagents that have not found the application in practice due to their low selectivity. The effect of extraneous ions on the results of the definition of the bismuth (III) with the PAN azoreagent is investigated. In the presence of large amounts of extraneous ions the determination of bismuth (III) is shown. The developed method is checked on the analysis of dust, cakes and wastewater of the Almalik mining company. The developed method is characterized by simplicity of performance, high selectivity, sensitiveness, and is recommended for analysis of ores, concentrates, production solutions, wastewater and other complex in chemical composition materials without the separation of the related elements.



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