The influence of the reaction temperature, the ratio of the starting materials, the amount and nature of the solvent and other factors on the polycondensation of melamine with furfural in this present work was investigated. The rate of polycondensation reaction of melamine with furfural was studied at 100, 110, 120, 130 °С, the molar ratio of melamine to furfural was constant 1.5:1.0. It was noticed that at a temperature of 100°C the duration of the polycondensation reaction is 17 hours, the exchange capacity of the ion exchanger is 4,0 mEq/g, with an increase in temperature to 120 °C the exchange capacity reaches 4,8-5,0 mEq/g. On the basis of experimental data, the optimal temperature for the reaction of melamine polycondensation with furfural was 120 °С, at which the reaction course was uniform and an anion-exchange polymer formed in 7,5 hours, characterized by good physical, chemical and mechanical properties.



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