Central Asian Problems of Modern Science and Education


The article discusses the results of application of interactive ways of training «brain storming» and «the academic polemic» in a subject of propaedeutic of internal illnesses are resulted. The interactive way of training «brain storming» promoted primary perfection I (acquaintance) and II (copy) levels of knowledge. At the same time the knowledge received by means of educational game «the academic polemic», was much more perfect and corresponded - III (knowledge-ability), and even IV (knowledge - transformation) to levels. That on a course of carrying out of educational-clinical game - «the academic polemic» the potential of analytical ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF CENTRAL ASIAN PROBLEMS OF MODERN SCENCE AND EDUCATION. MARCH, 2019-I ISSN 2181-9750 161 thinking was much fast integrated that is important and at the same time distinctive superiority of the given way of training is remarkable

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