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In this article was given information about the meaning of words in Arabic and the relationship between the letters contained in these words and interpretation of the opinions of Arab linguists on how words affect the meaning of the word.

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[1]. Kodirov T.Sh., Aliyev D.I. The lexicology of Arabic language. –Tashkent., 2010. and buildings of Agreement. i‘Robiy-Ar Abu (أبو انرتيعي. اذفاق اليثاَي و اخدالف انًعاَي .[2[ different meanings.) at Derivation. Janabiy-Al Abduzzahra Sirvan(سرواٌ عبد انظاهر انجُثي. اانصذماق عٌد اتٍ الجَي.- كوفح .[3[ ibn Jinniy. –Cufa.) 707 [4]. 1956 ،.رجِانكا.-انخصائص. يٌانجٌ اب)Ibn Jinniy. Characteristics. – Cairo., 1956.)

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