Central Asian Problems of Modern Science and Education


It's hard to imagine any country which operates well organized foreign trade without logistics opportunities. Either an experienced entrepreneur or a start-up owner in business field, they both have to provide quality services at as a low cost as possible. Because Logistics means, first of all, customer satisfaction. Clients should be informed 24/7 a day about the status of their order. Uzbekistan is twice closed, that is, one of the two countries in the world that have access to the ocean through the territory of two neighboring countries. The most important factor of the attractive geostrategic position of Uzbekistan is the availability of a developed system of transport communications, which practically satisfies the internal transportation needs. The Republic has the highest density of networks of railways and highways in Central Asia. Nevertheless, logistics services are relatively hard and expensive since Uzbekistan has no access to the sea and is far removed from the dominating global markets

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