Central Asian Problems of Modern Science and Education

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The concept of active reading is gaining more attention nowadays, and the reading strategies designed to develop students’ active reading skills are among the most urgent ones, especially in the academic setting, where the majority of information is to be acquired through reading. The article discusses the necessity of active reading strategies in the Content Based Instruction domain and reflects on the experience of implementing them in the Special English courses provided by Foreign Philology faculty of the Urgench State University. Description of the reading strategies classified in accordance with their emphasis on the lesson phases, such as Pre-Reading (THIEVES), Pre-and Post-Reading (KWL), Pre-, While-, and Post-Reading (Cornell Note-Taking, SQ3R (Cornell Method), and SQ4R Reading Strategy) along with the analysis of the students’ skills developed and the role teachers played while putting them into practice is provided. It is stated that using these reading strategies enables students to consciously accept the reading material and not only to comprehend it properly but also to admit the importance of reading for their professional and personal develpment. As an example, the usage of the SQ4R strategy in the Research Writing course with the fourth grade students of the Urgench State University is discussed and the outcomes that are related to the advantages of the reading strategy application are formulated.