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This work is devoted to the study of an approximate solution of the initial-boundary value problem for the second order mixed type nonhomogeneous differential equation with two degenerate lines. Similar equations have many different applications, for example, boundary value problems for mixed type equations are applicable in various fields of the natural sciences: in problems of laser physics, in magneto hydrodynamics, in the theory of infinitesimal bindings of surfaces, in the theory of shells, in predicting the groundwater level, in plasma modeling, and in mathematical biology. In this paper, based on the idea of A.N. Tikhonov, the conditional correctness of the problem, namely, uniqueness and conditional stability theorems are proved, as well as approximate solutions that are stable on the set of correctness are constructed. In obtaining an apriori estimate of the solution of the equation, we used the logarithmic convexity method and the results of the spectral problem considered by S.G. Pyatkov. The results of the numerical solutions and the approximate solutions of the original problem were presented in the form of tables. The regularization parameter is determined from the minimum estimate of the norm of the difference between exact and approximate solutions.

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