Culture and Arts of Central Asia

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In a person’s life, there are personalities that have a great influence on his formation. Kh.A.Makhmudova, as far as the format of the article allows, introduces the reader to two legendary teachers who were at the origin of the Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute. This is Nazira Nasretdinovna Aliyeva and Lola Agzamovna Khojaeva. The People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Professor N.N. Aliyeva made a great contribution to the development of professional Uzbek stage speech, as well as to the education of a whole group of Uzbek theatre figures. Professor L.A. Khodjaeva spent a lot of effort in forming the department of scenic speech at the institute. The author considered it necessary to share personal memories in order to preserve in memory of generations a lively image of unique personalities, their method of work and human qualities.

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1. Nazira Aliyeva. Sahna nutqining ravon va aniq bо‘lishida muhim shartlar. Uchyoniye zapiski Tashkentskogo teatralno-xudojestvennogo instituta im. A.N.Ostrovskogo. Vipusk 1-y. –Toshkent: 1957. 2. Nazira Aliyeva. San’at mening xayotim. Izd. Gafura Gulyama. –Toshkent: 1976. 3. Stanislavskiy K.S. Sob. soch.: V 8 t. –Moskva: Iskusstvo, 1954-1961. 4. Knebel M. O deystvennom analize pyesi i roli.



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