Culture and Arts of Central Asia


Тhis article is about Arif Alimakhsumov, who is a representative of Uzbek art, a well-known master of the Uzbek people, whose life was known for his work and inherited examples of its execution for the next generation. This article contains basic information about the artist’s activities, works and creativity

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1. Postanovleniye Prezidenta Respubliki Uzbekistan «O gosudarstvennoy programme po dalneyshemu sovershenstvova¬niyu deyatelnosti detskix shkol muziki i iskusstva na 2016 — 2020 godi» -Tashkent: 2016. 2. Karimov I. Visokaya duxovnost – nepobedimaya sila. -Tashkent: 2008. Manaviyat, -140 s. 3. Boronina YE. V., Kadina V. V. Rol urokov muziki v formirovanii imidja uchenika // Molodoy ucheniy. — 2013. — №8. — S. 378-380. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/55/7495/ (data obrasheniya: 03.09.2019). 4. Begmatov S. Arif Alimaxsumov -Tashkent: 2017. - s 124 5. http://site.ziyonet.uz/ru/search?Find%5Bsearch_value%5D=14+fevral&Find%5Bresource%5D=everywhere&controller=site &module=all 6. http://uzbekistonovozi.uz/ru/articles/index.php?ELEMENT_ID=19755



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