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Introduction. Because the fundamental subject of literature is a human being, psychological states play an important part in the understanding and depiction of his feelings. Dream, terror, horror, death, loneliness, lie, trick, and mad are all lyrical notions that come to mind at this time. The study of their poetic expression, as well as the process of transitioning from an unaesthetic to an aesthetic occurrence, is today's critical literary topics. Loneliness is a versatile concept. Its causes, forms, manifestations, mental states and external factors are different. Therefore, it is studied in philosophy as a concept, in psychology as a psychological state, in medicine as a disease, in tasavvuf as a means of reaching God. Research methods. In the following article the poetics of literary works with the title of loneliness is analysed. Comparative-typological and psychological analysis of the image of lonely characters are the main methods used in our research. Results and discussions. The motif of loneliness has become not only a means of organizing the content of the work, but also a means of ensuring compositional integrity. Because the course of events, the mental state of the protagonist is directly related to the feeling of loneliness, and if loneliness is removed from the plot of the story, its composition is seriously damaged. Conclusion. When the word loneliness appears in the title of a work in both literatures, it rises to the level of leitmotif, providing the work's compositional integrity, uniting the events around it, and revealing the major concept. It is directly related to the work's principal theme and concept. The causes of the phenomenon of loneliness have been examined in terms of psychology, philosophy, and literary studies, and the following have been identified as the main reasons: the individual's inability to accept changes in the social system, the inability of the individual to agree with meaningless procedures in society, his moral and religious beliefs sharply different from those around him, problems with personal life, and a tendency to loneliness. Social situations such as poverty, mental illness, old age, unemployment, and crime cause the risk of loneliness.

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