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Introduction. The aim of research is to reveal national-cultural and cognitive peculiarities of translation of conceptual metaphors from Uzbek into French and develop modern principles of translation of conceptual metaphors. The object of research is the conceptual metaphors selected from the novel by Erkin Azam “Noise”, short stories “A tender soul of a shorty”, “Jumble mound”, “Where is the paradise”, “Master’s dog” and their French translations. The subject of research is the national-cultural and cognitive specificity of representation of Uzbek conceptual metaphors in translation. Research methods. The thesis uses comparative, contextual, conceptual and cognitive analysis methods. Results and discussions. The scientific novelty of the research is as follows: the scientific and theoretical sources of research of conceptual metaphors in modern linguistics are studied and a philosophical paradigm of the metaphor is substantiated; a working definition of the concept "conceptual metaphor" in the Uzbek language is given; modern principles of translation of conceptual metaphors were developed; a cognitive-semantic classification of metaphors has been developed; ontological, orientational, and structural conceptual metaphors in the translation of the works by E. Azam were grouped and on their basis a short Uzbek-French dictionary of metaphors was developed; a comparative analysis of the presentation of gastronomic metaphors in translation was carried out and an Uzbek-French visual mobile application for tourists was created. Based on the research carried out: the "Uzbek-French gastronomic mobile app for tourists" based on the gastronomic metaphor presented in the works of Erkin A'zam was created and placed on Play Market. Conclusion. In the study of metaphors presented in the translations of E. A'zam's works more than 500 examples of the use of ontological, orientation, structural types of conceptual metaphors were identified. The identified examples were sorted by national-cultural features, originality, methods of translation and 250 of them were analyzed. The parsed examples are grouped into more than 10 themes as conceptual metaphors. As a result of preserving axiological, gnoseological, praxiological, creative and cognitive properties of conceptual metaphor in the French translations of Erkin A'zam's works, the existing approaches in translating this trope were characterized and their scientific-theoretical basis was developed. Based on the developed principle, the "Uzbek-French Dictionary of Metaphors" was created on the example of Erkin A'zam's works.

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