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Introduction. The fact that Navoi in his works promotes creative ideas that affect all mankind, the fact that the poet's ideas are more important and relevant than ever in today's era of globalization, has led to major research around the world. Know this, all humankind: The greatest curse is enmity; The greatest blessing, amity. We all know the verses by heart. That is, in order for the poet to have peace and tranquility among the people, they must renounce the path of enmity, enmity is not a deed, instead they must be friends with one another. True friendship is a real business. These verses, written before the 6th century, are a vivid proof that Alisher Navoi's poetry and philosophy have stood the test of time and apply equally to the peoples of the world. Research methods. Alisher Navoi's creative heritage has been in the hearts of many readers in different languages for centuries. As a result of many years of research and work of literary critics, poets and writers, the great poet's work is widely promoted around the world, a number of achievements have been achieved. However, we cannot ignore the mistakes and shortcomings in this regard. Results and discussions. The main problem here is that most of the specialists who know Navoi's language and creativity do not know European languages, those who know foreign languages do not know the old Uzbek language or do not feel our classical literature. Therefore, in the study of Navoi's work by foreign scholars, the importance of the poet's work for foreign literature, a serious approach to the issue of foreign translators and researchers of A. Navoi's work, we would like to draw attention to some comments on the subject. Conclusion. A. Navoi's work has a special significance in Uzbek literature, as well as in world literature. The poet’s work has been studied by various scholars for centuries. However, scientific views on A. Navoi were not always correct. In this regard, in this research work, the different opinions of world scholars about the poet, their positive and negative views on the work of the poet are cited and analyzed. The role of Russian, Ukrainian, French, English, German and American scholars in the study of Navoi's works around the world, the factors that stimulated their interest in Oriental literature, in particular, Alisher Navoi's works, works by foreign authors and works inspired by A. Navoi's work along with samples, some information about the manuscripts and lithographs of the great thinker kept in the fund of foreign libraries is the main content of the article.

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