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Introduction.Today, the development of science, the need to develop a culture of philosophical thinking require further expansion and strengthening of human knowledge, a comprehensive study of events and phenomena taking place in the world, the formation of scientific knowledge about the future of humanity on this basis, as well as the formation of a new approach to the problem of scientific creativity. This, in turn, determines the need for a scientific and philosophical study of the mechanisms of scientific creativity, i.e. intuition, a theoretical justification of its place in scientific knowledge. The Head of State noted that today, looking back at the path we have passed, evaluating the work done over these years, as well as plans for the future, we note that our great and sacred Motherland, which courageously and selflessly overcame the most difficult and difficult trials of restoring national statehood, strengthening political and economic independence, confidently moving forward, relying primarily on its own strength, capabilities and potential, for the sake of building a democratic state, civil society, should always be proud of our noble people. Materials and methods. This article presents the thoughts of the ancient philosopher Pythagoras about the knowledge of the early Universe, the French scientist, philosopher, one of the founders of geometry Rene Descartes and the founder of the direction of intuitionism in modern mathematics, the German philosopher I. Kant, the French mathematician and philosopher Henri Poincare, the Dutch mathematician L.Brower's philosophical thoughts were studied. His scientific arguments on the synergetic analysis of the properties of intuition in scientific knowledge in the interpretation of philosophers were also published. Results and discussions. Intuition is one of the most important concepts of the development of philosophy and science and is in dialectical connection with thinking, including rational and irrational thinking, creativity, in particular with such concepts as "artistic and scientific creativity", "intelligence", "memory", "imagination", "attention", "foresight", "consciousness", "unconscious", "subconscious sphere" and "instinct". A comprehensive analysis of the content and essence of these concepts, the study of scientific, philosophical and intuitive thinking styles on a scientific basis allow us to open new facets of the development of science. Therefore, an in-depth study of this issue has a special scientific significance. "Creativity", "scientific creativity" and "intuition" are interrelated concepts that have interested philosophers since time immemorial. Conclusion. Intuition, intuitive cognition, intuitive thinking is a complex, multifaceted and holistic cognitive process that is directly related to the human psyche, and not only with his emotional and mental abilities to cognition.

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