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Introduction. The main goal of the scientific work is to address the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic and to ensure sustainability in tourism development. This research work is devoted to scientific substantiation of its innovative organizational forms for the development of youth tourism in Uzbekistan in post-pandemic period. Research methods. In the article it is used the research methodology of taking into account the expected changes in the development of tourism in a post-pandemic conditions and the use of innovative organizational forms in the development of youth tourism, in this regard by studying the opinion of experts methods such as observation, comparison, empirical research, systematic and comparative analysis, and expert evaluation were used. Results and discussion. After the pandemic, world tourism is expected to recover in a completely different form. The advent of unexpected forms of competition in tourism requires a change in the previous way of working. For permanent sustainable development, it is necessary to learn working in pandemic conditions. In this regard, in accordance with the requirements of the State Committee of Health of the People's Republic of China introduced a procedure for mandatory booking in many parks and tourist areas of the country, according to this, tourists will have to pre-book tickets on websites or via mobile phones. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, this regime plays an important role in preventing mass gatherings of people. According to the administrators of many tourist zones, this mandatory rule has allowed to develop preventive measures to prepare for the reception, management and safety of tourists in accordance with the number of orders received. As well as it helped to conduct rapid monitoring of flow of tourists in tourist areas and take timely measures of regulation of the tourist numbers. Conclusion. At present, in order to establish youth tourism in our country, such measures as innovative forms of tourism development, creation of tourist clusters, establishment of entertainment infrastructure, construction of new tourist facilities are being implemented.

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