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Abstract. The issues of participation of persons with disabilities in socio-political development of society are analyzed in the scientific article. Attitude to persons with disabilities is usually formed due to the process of historical development of each country, the specific mentality of the people living in it. As a measure of the level of justice in any society, attention is paid to persons with disabilities living in that state, also measured by the level of living conditions created for them. Introduction. When we analyze the relationship towards to persons with disabilities, we can see that its history dates back to the distant past. The attitude towards them was different in different periods, depending on the characteristics of national values, and the peculiarities of those periods. Research methods. Scientific research methods such as the principle of historicism, systematization, comparative analysis and extrapolation were mainly used in the article. Results and discussions. In one of the ancient first written sources “Avesto”, which provides information about the history of the countries of Central Asia, we can also find information concerning problems of disability. The views in it are determined based on the spirit of that period, in particular emphasis on the treatment of disability, its prevention, the promotion of medical culture among the population. Because, the emergence of the religion of Zarathustra coincides with the period of transition from the tribal system to the class society. Conclusion. We can say that there have been carried out step by step and consistent the measures in this direction in our country, which are of great importance to persons with disabilities in the direction of creating the necessary conditions for them to live, receive education, work, as well as creating wide opportunities for them to find their corresponding place in the society

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