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The article is devoted to the study of the features of drama-a popular literary and theatrical genre. Special attention is paid to the ambiguity of the term “drama” and the originality of the genre of stage works defined by it. It is noted that the leading feature of the drama is its syncretic character, which requires more detailed study. Based on the material of the dramatic work of the Azerbaijani writer and poet Huseyn Javid, a variant of the analysis of the works is proposed, based on the facts of the synthesis of tragedy and comedy, epic and lyric, real and unreal, as well as various types of art. Material and methods. The material of the research is represented by the works of well-known and recognized philosophers, research scientists, literary critics, the descriptive method, methods of analysis and synthesis are used. Results and discussions. The work is based on the analysis of theoretical literature on drama, after which it presents an attempt to reveal the synthetic nature of the dramas of Huseyn Javid, one of the founders of Azerbaijani drama in the early twentieth century. The relevance of the article is determined by the fact that it is aimed at determining the specific features of the drama genre and studying its synthetic nature. The novelty of the work lies in the fact that it offers a new version of the analysis of dramatic works based on the elements of synthesis presented in them. Conclusions. It is concluded that since the synthetic nature of the drama is its leading characteristic, the analysis of dramatic works should be based on the analysis of the synthesis presented in them. Such an analysis can clarify a lot in determining the creative intent of the artist and his ideas embedded in the work, as well as illuminate the evolutionary development of the writer's talent.

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