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Background. The article dealt with some common features of English and Uzbek folk blessing. First of all, it addresses the issue of the genesis of the word blessings in English and Uzbek literature. At the same time, analyzed the blessings which formed by the belief in the magic of words and compare the similarities and differences of their place in folklore and entry into the written literature. Methods. It addresses created by human intellect and preserving the attention and attitude of ancient people to the realities of life, traditions, rules of morality, which is common in the folklore of the English and Uzbek people, as well as in other nations of the world. Interestingly, despite the fact that these people live in different geographical conditions and speak different systematic languages, have different religious beliefs, there are some typological features among their blessings. In particular, blessings draw attention to the fact that no matter what nation it belongs to, first of all, it has the power to influence the emotions of people spiritually. Results. There is an artistic expression of human love for man, sincere and kind attitude, good wishes. Blessing is an ancient genre in terms of the belief of ancient people in the magic of words, the mythological notions associated with the other world, the world of spirits, patron cults, formed on the basis of religious beliefs. Conclusion. Consequently, the ancient people believed not only in the magic of words, but also in the existence of another world, a world of spirits, and understood that it was entered through a magical word, which also communicates with its representatives through such words

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