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Introduction. The problem discussed in the article concerns family pedagogy, which has recently been separated from the pedagogical sciences as an independent scientific field. The object of the research is family development trends and its present state, the topic is the essence of family upbringing, this process mechanisms and their influence on personal development. Family pedagogy does not attempt to create a single rule that is binding on every family and clearly regulates the upbringing of children. It studies only those situations that are controversial and cause the young its difficulty. As all scientific knowledge, its conclusions can never fully replace wisdom and life experience. Preparing youth for family relationships cannot help but affect this aspect of pedagogical activity, more precisely on the preparation of youth for family relationships. The problem in question is global importance for our region, given some facts about family statistics. More precisely, the coincidence of the family creation period with the process of girls’ study. Misunderstandings arising from the wrong approach to family conditions during this period are the object of our research. Research methods. The article uses methods such as observation, comparison and analysis to help clarify the nature of the problem in question. As family pedagogy has specific tasks to fulfil, it is designed to examine the status, main trends and forms of parenting in the family. Sociological methods were also used: sociological surveys, interviews and questionnaires, psychological methods that deepen and broaden the understanding of the modern family and at the same time force choices, awareness of the subjects' relationship with their loved ones in favor of the best solution. In this case, the efforts of the researcher, in our case the teacher, are aimed at mobilizing the social activity of the subjects (students), through which they will develop positive ideas about different spheres of family life, parenting techniques, home care technologies and etc. A methodology has been developed to study families through the eyes of prospective members’ or rather young people on the threshold of starting a family. Results and discussions. Factors that point to a new approach in preparing the youth for family relations require a comprehensive solution to the youth preparing problem for eastern family relations. This, in turn, predicts the possible values in the long term, targeting the influence of various aspects on family formation. Conclusion. As a consequence of the theoretical analysis of this article, an activity based on Eastern methods, which includes the formation of a strong belief in the sanctity of family bonds in the lives of young people is essential for preparing students for family relationships. Practical study of the problem of shaping people's readiness for marriage and family relationships has made it possible to study and scientifically define the essence of this quality of a mature person and the possibilities of shaping it in the innovative educational process of higher education. The priority of philosophical and pedagogical research is the individual idea as a system of self-development, striving for personal growth and to create one's life; the social goal of modern education and the idea of a humanitarian task. The essence of personal preparation for marriage and family relations is defined in this article on the basis of maturity level of the complex, moral and psychological qualities of a mature person, adequate understanding of the set of demands, obligations, social requirements of the young person, the behavioral standards governing family life, and environmental , creative attitudes towards them.

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