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Background. It is undoubtedly afield of education that provides a prosperous future for people, guides them in the right direction, and imparts knowledge, which is an inalienable treasure. It is possible to distinguish between the educated and the uneducated at once. Quality education provides a bright future for anybody. For this reason, this article also provides information on the field of education, emphasizing the importance of the role of primary education. There is also information about the professional competence of primary school teachers, that is, the merit, worthiness, love for their work. Suggestions and recommendations are also given on what professional competencies a primary education teacher should have. Method. This article discusses the role of primary education teachers in teaching. It talks about the importance of their in-depth knowledge, the importance of primary education in human life. Result. It is necessary to teach children with various methods. Teachers should have professional competence, pedagogical skills. 1. Abillity of evaluate learning activities. It means teachers of public education must use many types of avtivities which can help pupils to learn theme affectively; 2. Analyze knowledge and skills. Teachers should analyze pupils degrees of knowledge and the characters. 3. Communicative. It means to speak language, to communicate with different people. The effectiveness would be even greater, if teacher can organize his lesson with pedagogical and information technologies. Conclusion. In conclusion, primary education is important in education. The role of primary school teachers is also unique because it continues as the child is taught from an early age. During the lesson, the teacher must make the lesson interesting with different methods, as well as on the basis of pedagogical and information technologies. This helps the learner to master the science quickly and effectively. Public schools have ample opportunities for each subject to be taught in a variety of ways. First of all, it is important for the teacher to get acquainted with the children's ability to receive knowledge and their psychology, and to organize the lesson accordingly, as well as to be friendly with each student.

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