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Background. The origin, popularity and importance of high fiction in English literature are directly linked to Tolkien's work. Tolkien’s novels were the reasons for the critical rise of English fiction to some extent. His “Hobbit” achieved great success at that time and it was the most popular work among readers. When L. Baum created examples of the fantasy genre, detailed historical events, settings and landscapes were considered as the part of the such genre. On the contrary, Tolkien, refined and elevated these concepts. Tolkien set out to associate the roots of his ideas, which embodied location and time, in the field of fiction. Methods. In this article there have been drawn some views related to the analysis of stylistic devices in the novel of “Hobbit”. The functions of the devices in terms of depicting characters are discussed with examples in this paper. Results. The Hobbit is Tolkien's unique work which is rich in stylistic devices as well as methods. The author has used a unique style in creating this fascinating novel that has captured the hearts and minds of many fans. He first comments on his heroes, points out their shortcomings and uses satire. The characters then conclude by concealing their good deeds and behavioral traits and realize their mistakes by the end of the work. Tolkien's “The Hobbit” or “The Going and Returning” is a prelude to “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy by John Ronald Royal Tolkien, an English writer, linguist, and translator. The book is an introductory epic to a unique ring of infinite dominance, which was later introduced by Tolkien. It was the fairy tale “The Hobbit” or “Going Back” that inspired Tolkien to enter literature. Previously, the book was intended for family reading and Tolkien would tell his children a story about the Hobbits. By accidental publication, The Hobbit Bilbo Beggins adventure story unexpectedly became popular among readers of all ages. The book became so popular that even young readers demanded more books about “The Hobbit”. The writer then proceeded to write the rest of the story. However, the new book changed the children's story and became a legend about the struggle between real evil and good. This was Tolkien's masterpiece, “The Lord of the Rings”. The author spent the rest of his life to the interest in the mythical legends of his time. While many other writers have worked in the fantasy genre before him, most book lovers regard Tolkien to be “the father of modern fantasy literature”. Discussion. Stylistics is a part of linguistics which studies the interpretation of the texts of all types. Also, it studies various stylistic devices that increase the expressivity and emotion of the characters in literary works. The functions of stylistic devices are various. Some of them make the content, the speech of the heroes vivid, intriguing, understandable and emotional. They also help readers to comprehend hidden meaning of the work. Conclusion. In “The Hobbit” the stylistic means, in turn, develop the chances of the language of the work, that is, the boundaries of the expressive, connotative, aesthetic, figurative features of the work. Diverse functional styles have expanded the artistic allure of the novel, enriched it with different terms and played an important role in making it quieter and better delivered to the reader.

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